3 factors that make your cloud business more profitable


The transition to the cloud business poses new challenges for many IT companies. How do you create a unique offer? How do you work efficiently with your vendor portal or data center? And above all, how do you cope with the flood of usage data from the cloud?

We’ll show you three factors that can make your cloud business more profitable with the right industry software:

1) Offer set items (“bundles”): With the mere resale of the cloud performance of a manufacturer, your offer will be comparable. Only your own additional service, such as support or the bundling of special product packages makes your offer unique. Maybe your customer should not even know what exactly the individual service costs, but only the package price.

Can your business software bundle its own and third-party services into set articles?

2) Synchronize customer data automatically: The cloud business usually brings a manufacturer such. Microsoft in the game. Customer data and orders must be created in the cloud portals.

Does your software transfer the data simply by clicking?

3) Efficiently settling cloud contracts: You receive monthly collective invoices from the manufacturer with all cloud services that have accrued in varying numbers and periods of use or even on a flat-rate basis.

Do you have to do this manually or can your software automatically generate customer invoices and process purchase invoices?

Could you answer yes to these questions? Great, then they are already well prepared! If not, we can help you with SYSTEM, the industry solution for IT companies with and without cloud business.

SYSTEM – the ERP software that meets all the requirements of your IT company

SYSTEM facilitates the work of system houses, software providers and IT service providers. All business processes from initial contact to helpdesk to billing and controlling are integrated in this combination of ERP and CRM software.

We have been developing SYSTEM since 1994 specifically for the IT industry. With the unique combination of our product and our industry expertise, we optimize your business processes – now and in the future.

Our ERP system adapts to your requirements and is just as suitable for small businesses as it is for international medium-sized IT companies. So you can just grow.

Flexible and scalable

Easier to grow – SYSTEM adapts to the changes in your business from small and local to large and international.

Everytime and everywhere

Easier on the go – SYSTEM can be used on the desktop, tablet or smartphone with Windows, Android or iOS.

More invoice

With the integrated time recording in SYSTEM, you really count all expenses of your consultants.

More overview

With SYSTEM, they know all the figures from employee utilization, order and project status to help desk and finance.

Familiar and integrated

Easier to use. SYSTEM works seamlessly with Microsoft Office.

Safety through tested quality: SYSTEM is certified.

SYSTEM regularly receives the CfMD Certificate: Certified for Microsoft Dynamics NAV – the only ERP industry solution for IT companies in Germany. Microsoft awards the seal CfMD as the highest award for ERP partner solutions based on Microsoft Dynamics NAV. This requires an ERP software, etc. be successfully applied and recommended by at least ten companies and meet specific requirements, e.g. the provision of online help, multilingualism and documentation.

Perfect technical and professional service control in the all-in-one SYSTEM software

As a solution especially for IT companies, SYSTEM provides easy resource planning and time tracking.

With SYSTEM you can settle for expenses, as a fixed price, travel times and surcharges. The logic is depoSystemd per order, the time-keeper does not need to know that. You can capture by app or smartphone. You can also use the data for internal travel expense reporting.

Your resource planning is easy with SYSTEM. Because no matter whether you work with a central or decentralized resource planning, the employees receive their appointments directly via an Exchange interface in the calendar synchronized (bidirectional).

SYSTEM Basics – Work across Divisions Easier with All-in-one SYSTEM Software

Improve efficiency and quality with the integrated enterprise software SYSTEM for IT companies

SYSTEM makes your work easier in all processes. You can document the entire business communication structured in the information history. Texts and templates are made attractive and illustrated thanks to the HTML editor. Your international companies and employees can easily use SYSTEM because SYSTEM makes it easy to switch to other operating languages. And with the SYSTEM workflows you ensure prompt and traceable service for your customers.

The accounting software for IT companies

SYSTEM is the software solution for ERP accounting

SYSTEM meets all requirements for high-performance accounting. Manage your bookkeeping correctly and quickly: Thanks to templates and Excel import function, you can book documents in bulk – even in multiple currencies and automatically. Timely payments and optimized receivables management are also standard with SYSTEM. In addition, you run all companies including foreign clients in an accounting software. Choose how you want to transfer costs. And analyze from the result down to the individual document and get multidimensional business evaluations in real time. SYSTEM accounting ensures full transparency so you can minimize internal risks. Thus, SYSTEM goes far beyond the possibilities of accounting programs.